You’re a great leader and a top performer. You are all about people and excellence… but do you feel torn between the bottom line and what feels right in your heart?

You want to make an impact, but you are dragged down by the constant negativity and blame.

There is a better way to lead that is aligned with who you are at your best. A way that is aligned with your Higher Self.

It’s not about figuring things out and relying solely on your own intelligence and knowledge.The wisdom and creativity of your Higher Self is there to support you and to enhance your performance, just waiting for you to open up to the infinite possibilities of the Universe…

Leadership can be joyful and effective when you lead for the Highest Good.

Energize and uplift your leadership, your performance… and your team. Get results that you can’t even imagine right now.

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Hi… I’m Karen, and I’ve been there. I’ve been a leader for well over a decade, and I know what it is to be torn between people and the bottom line. I know what it is to have my head and my heart and soul in conflict.

I used to spend so much time in my head… thinking that I could think my way out of every problem, thinking that I need to leave my spiritual side at home, that it didn’t belong in the work place.

Then… I started on a journey to find my calling and to be more fulfilled.

What I found out is that I don’t have to leave my heart and spirit at home. That I could use my Higher Self and my connection to universal wisdom to build and enhance my relationships, to unleash and support creativity, to work with integrity and authenticity… and to experience joy and fulfillment.

What I found out is that there are different kinds of solutions and amazing results that come from being connected to a higher place.

I was so excited by my findings and the results that I was starting to get that I wanted to learn more, to dig deeper, and… to be able to share what I was learning with other leaders. That’s why I am choosing to leave my corporate leadership role to help more leaders access the integrity, wisdom and joy of the Higher Self to transform themselves and their organizations!

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How the process works

I use a simple but effective coach process that combines traditional executive coaching, Energy Leadership™ Coaching, and access to the wisdom of the Higher Self to empower to become a great leader and a lighter and more joyful one.


Acknowledge Your Desires


Assess Your Current State


Activate Your Higher Self


Achieve Success

I invite you to take the first step and download the Higher Self Activation Kit to experience for yourself the power and beauty of the Higher Self.

Or schedule a complimentary Higher Self Strategy Session to explore how you can put your Higher Self to work in taking your leadership to a higher level!

Take the first step to becoming a wiser and more joyful leader today!